Regular players couldn’t possibly fathom meeting a variant zombie since the moment they encountered one, their lives were in danger. However, the only thing Liu Gan wanted was to encounter more variant zombies. After reaching level 5, farming regular zombies lost its meaning. Only through assassinating more variant zombies would he reach a higher level.By the time Liu Gan stepped out of the capsule, he had jumped from level 10 to level 12. According to the scientist, that was the current limit of Liu Gan’s leveling potential. Once his body used up the essence in his body, then he could continue accepting the remaining essence so he could level up more.

“Ah, since we are a player created camp, we reserve the rights to protect the interest of the players first. As a player, you should understand our reasons for doing that, right? Of course, whoever you bring in will be your personal property. Even though they don’t have a player’s status or position, they won’t be bullied by other people. If someone bullies them, then it would be like they bullied you. That is a major violation of our rules,” the receptionist explained.“You guys are evil! You don’t have any bottom line! How could you continue to do these outrageous inhuman actions! You would allow an already dead person to take over my body!?” Zhan Nan Shan had overhead the conversation between Liu Gan and Li Bai Sen. This was when Zhan Nan Shan started to become a bit more fearful of the things they could do to him.Liu Gan had to leave the King Crocodile’s territory quietly and quickly. After he spent a whole day regenerating his Mist Armor, the King Crocodile would also fully regenerate its shield. Everything was relative to level, so the King Crocodile’s recovery speed would be faster than Liu Gan’s. It took everything Liu Gan had to cast his Enhanced Crescent Blade, but it didn’t even put a dent in the King Crocodile. Now that the Croc’s shield had regenerated, he would have to start over from beginning.“You don’t believe what I said? Don’t you feel like he has been strange the whole time? Not only does he not listen to us, but I’ve been watching him closely. He says that he doesn’t like flattery, but he’s been brainwashing those close to him. These youngsters here have all been brainwashed into believing what he says. We are adult, so how could I fall so easily for his theatrics?” Xu ChangHui shook his head.After Yin He investigated, they found out that the wall was a doorway. Virtual projection technology camouflaged the door as a wall. It was just like the exterior precipice from earlier! This was the second time that they had used this technology to keep a secret location hidden. This was how no one found it strange outside of the enclosure.“I also casually gave it a name, so it is no longer called WangWang. You can call it NaNa. This name is hard set onto the microchip. To change it would require reconnecting it online. But, if we connect it to online, the mothership might regain control of it again,” Su Nina explained to Liu Gan.Second Elder already knew that Liu Gan was going to be having dinner with Fifth Elder, but sending two people to confirm that was just a friendly gesture. Just in case, Liu Gan was indeed left behind without anyone to host him, these players were sent to pick him up. After being rejected, Sun Cheng and Kong Mu left to report back to Second Elder and quietly departed.“My body and body sizes were all average, but I’m very smart. My IQ is close to 200. My academic grades are superb. Every year I am the valedictorian of my grade. I competed in our nation’s Mathematical Olympiad and come out as the number 1 winner. That qualified me to join China’s national team to win against the American team on the international stage…

Liu Gan shook his head. The thought of killing them all crossed his mind, but he didn’t resort to it. He chose the alternative option of evading the attacks. When he was surrounded, he accelerated toward a tree. Borrowing from the momentum, he parkoured up the space between the wall and the tree. Followed by two consecutive leaps, he was able to reach the rooftop of a building. Liu Gan looked down at the crowd from above.“Before entering, my coworker was telling me about it. I don’t play games regularly, so when he was talking about the zombies, I didn’t quite understand it. I also didn’t memorize it. However, for the laboratory portion, I memorized it. As for zombie combat, I can’t give you much information. However, once we reach the laboratory, you will definitely be surprised.” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan’s question. All Jiang JinYuan has to do was take Liu Gan to any laboratory, and after that it would be a lot easier for him to convince Liu Gan.When Liu Gan was escaping the underwater base, he suffered from the aftershock of the dimensional bomb and burns from the lasers. His body was heavily injured in many parts, with deep lacerations and multiple bone fractures. Even with an impressive recovery rate, he didn’t wake up until after three days and three nights of rest. While he was in the internal cavity of the smaller jellyfish, the jellyfish had secreted large amount of mucus to help coagulate his wounds. Due to the severity of the wounds, he still wasn’t completely healed by the time he woke up.After the long and tedious procedural hearing, both parties debated and nitpicked the opponent’s statement. Since LuLu poisoned Qiu Zi Tao, she was full of flaws that could be used by the opponent if she made a statement. Jiang JinYuan stuttered quite a bit, so it was left for Han GuangMing to carry out the debate. Xie Dong Cheng would definitely hold onto the point that LuLu poisoned Qiu Zi Tao and say that he did what he had to do out of an impulse for revenge. The reason he wanted to capture LuLu was so he could carry out punishment, which aroused many of the juror’s sympathies.Liu Gan climbed up to the second floor. He broke the window in the stairway and entered the building through there. He quickly killed the two zombies that were in the stairway. He rushed down to the ground floor to open up the door so everyone can get into the stairway. Then, he relocked the door. Now was a moment where everyone could relax. Exhausted, some of them were either sitting on the staircase or leaning against the wall.

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