When Xue Jian was leading his group of guild members, he had no choice but to rely on Mr. Sheng. Later, he’d decided to leave Mr. Sheng’s care and follow Liu Gan toward the countryside. Xue Jian explained it in a way to show that he and Mr. Sheng had conflicting viewpoints, but the real reason why Xue Jian wanted to leave was that he’d felt that Mr. Sheng didn’t have enough trust in him.“Everything that has happened today involves only me and Li ChangHui’s quarrel. It doesn’t involve you bystanders. It is your leader’s own fault for trying to ambush me with his sneak attack. I had no choice, but to kill him. Since this doesn’t involve you, don’t worry about me killing you guys.”“Qiu Zi said he was merely one of the many beta players. At one point, he mentioned that several thousand beta players also arrived with him. When they were playing this game, it was still in front of monitors and with a mouse. But this time, they were all transferred into the game, without the function of logging out.”

The gaseous drug diffused in the air was very dispersed. However, NaNa was able to detect the abnormality. It warned Liu Gan earlier when it pulled him aside. Since Liu Gan didn’t need to breathe in the air, it wasn’t a concern for him. As for his companions, he can only observe their reactions from breathing in the air. After all, they didn’t have any alternative method of breathing to turn to. All these clues would help Liu Gan figure out the true purpose behind these three trials.“That works too. We can split into two groups. You three in a group, and us remaining members in the other group. We can work a lot faster to kill the variant zombies this way.” Wang Chao immediately made a suggestion. With six team members and the healer on his side, he had the clear advantage.There was still a large portion of players watching silently. They don’t know just what will happen when two level 5 players are dueling. Who in the end will emerge victorious? Just in case, what if that strange player kills Tiger Lord? Would the side cheering Tiger Lord on through battle cries be held accountable for their actions? This is quite a difficult situation, stuck between a hard place and a rock.“Done! She can wear the shielding bracelet again. Okay, so you will need extra shielding material to cover the tracking signal. I’ve already set it to offline mode, but it requires a reboot. Remember that once a hidden signal tries to log back online, the controller would require new procedures to accept it,” Su Nina said to Liu Gan.“Which of the three do you think is lying?” Liu Gan asked Han GuangMing. With Serenity drifting into the open sea, there was no solution. Yin He’s disappearance was also a mystery. Now with a rape case, this is starting to become very strange. Liu Gan felt that this was all tied to the situation onboard Serenity. So to find a breakthrough, it was decided that this case would be the starting point.If they were to continue being trapped and unable to leave, then even if Kingler were to only eat one dim sum a day, sooner or later it would be their own heads that would be eaten. The boulders on the hilltop were timed too precisely. Coincidentally this time the exit was sealed off, just their awful luck.These three players didn’t seem like the extremely terrible and brutal type. Liu Gan was also able to recognize one of the three player’s faces. The leader of their group, one of the male players, was his high school classmate. What was his name? His surname should be Zhang, but the rest of his name was a blur to Liu Gan.“What class are you from? Who is your lecturer?” the Stick Elder slowly walked closer. Step by step, he was calculating the distance. Once the distance was good for activation, he triggered his ability. He threw the fire axe in his hand at Liu Gan, then pulled his machete off his back. With the fire axe flying at Liu Gan, he charged forward with his machete in his other hand. Only the afterimage of the weapon could be seen by the crowd, they couldn’t keep up with the weapon itself.

Liu Gan took advantage of the concrete platforms to get around to the Kingler’s back side. Since the Kingler’s body shape was huge, it had limited mobility in that terrain. Surrounding Kingler were concrete platform towers. So whenever it tried to attack Liu Gan, it had to destroy the concrete platforms first. Liu Gan was building up fury for his [Crescent Blade] ability, and it would land on the Kingler’s body without fail.It was only thanks to Liu Gan’s Mist Armor and Yin He’s aid that the Tentacle Colossal Zombie wasn’t able to do too much harm. If it appeared again, it would simply give free experience to Liu Gan, so deep down Liu Gan was thinking, ‘Let these tentacle monsters become fiercer as they come.’“Our leader has gathered up to a thousand players. Everyday, he is bringing in players like you into our camp. Surviving alone in this apocalyptic age is very difficult. With our leader’s guidance, we can work together with one another to prosper. If you are willing to join us, I can be your referrer!” the two receptionists continued to warmly push their agenda.“Yes, I am a Major. I am carrying out my my duties as a soldier. This isn’t a game, it is a war! It is a war to save our world. I will do whatever methods it takes to succeed. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. I must use everything at my disposal, including your body! No matter how hard you struggle, it is futile! Just obey my command and enter into the capsule!” Zhan Nan Shan’s tone became more aggressive.

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