“You dare suggest Vice-leader He watch the vehicles? Okay, if Elder Liu didn’t wake up from the dreamland, then by morning, when Vice-leader He walked onto Serenity since no one came out, she would have discovered that the floor was full of corpses…OH Elder Liu, you died a painful death!” Han GuangMing exaggerated dramatically.“In the real world jungle, when people encounter bear species, what would be the appropriate normal response? Would it be best to hide silently or play dead on the floor? Or perhaps climb a tree?” Han GuangMing continuously asked Liu Gan. If he knew that it was this dangerous in The Trembling World, then he would’ve tried to learn more survival skills to gain experience.Xue Jian tried to set a particular target to release his energy on, but was unable to do so. When he tried to release it upon himself, it spread outward from his body and the nearby players within several meters felt the boost. For the next 15 minutes within the beacon, physical attributes, speed, and senses had all increased.Clearly, this player and Ana were trying to shift the depressed mood by talking about something else. However, their efforts were in vain, since the group was still depressed. Even if they weren’t familiar with Sun Chao, they had spent time together and that made them companions. It was inevitable that they would feel distressed.“Not good!” Yin He screamed, as she pushed Liu Gan onto the floor for cover. At the same time, a shadow trailed behind the black thorns as they were launched everywhere in the surroundings. These black thorns left holes in the trees wherever they came in contact. The thorns didn’t stop at the first tree, going through several trees until the force propelling the thorns was exhausted.“Yes. Right now, in this facility, there are only ten tubes. Each tube could last me around two days worth. So these ten tubes could supply me with at least twenty days worth of electricity.” Yin He explained as she prepared the first tube. Each tube had a needle part that she used in order to inject the contents into her wrist.As a level 12, the level discrepancy was too high. On top of that, Yin He couldn’t even enter the instance. First things first, he must reach level 15. After that, he could foster the growth of several other players to level 15. Maybe then, he would have a chance at competing against the final BOSS.This struck fear into the heart of the three youthful players, and they had wanted to escape, but four zombies from the dark had silently wandered up behind them. They knocked the green-haired player and the yellow-haired player onto the ground, then bit into their necks, causing fresh blood to spew onto the red-haired player’s body.

“HuJun, you shouldn’t stick too close to Zhou JingJing for now so you won’t be influenced by your emotions and do something wrong. Let the others take care of her. Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing, you two will be responsible and take shifts to observe Zhou JingJing. If she acts irrationally, report to me.” Liu Gan gave a direct order to Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing.The coast camp people felt that their kindness was met with humiliation. They hadn’t directly used the corpse tide technique yet to lure the zombies and eliminate the previous power in the prison. Yet, these people in the prison were surprisingly unable to recognize their good intentions and refused them entry! As a result they decided to proceed with their previous plan of baiting the well-prepared corpse tide that had been prepared earlier in the fields a few kilometers outside… With approximately 20,000 zombies, utilizing their keen zombie-luring ability that they had developed over the past few days to bring them all to the vicinity of the prison.Basically these people didn’t get any rest. Most were conversing their time away, there were a handful of people that wanted to sleep, but it was just too noisy. From their conversation, these players weren’t the initial first set of people to enter the game. After a month had passed since the game server was released, they were transferred into the game through various means.“That deer seems to be crying… It wouldn’t be Sun Chao, right? Can you imagine, Sun Chao went missing. Then, Lord Liu encountered a strange shadow. After he killed it, he found that it was just a deer. Can you connect the dots and just think for a little? How can this strange place have a wild deer? It must be Sun Chao transformed. Now we are cooking him! Then, we will eat the meat as if it were venison, when it is human meat!” Liu Kang speculated.The design of the haunted house was very special. Aside from the foundation of the building, all the other props were cast from concrete molds. Even the window frames were narrow, with steel bars barricading them, making them good vantage points. If the front entrance was guarded, then nothing could slip in behind them.Watching Peng Xuetao’s wretched face in this state, especially without his manhood, caused every person there to start cheering for Liu Gan. The female scientists were crying for joy. To punish evildoers, evil must be used. Peng Xuetao messed with the wrong person this time, that lead to his downfall.“It is raining so heavily, will Daddy be able to come home?” Dong Dong stretched out his tiny little hand and rubbed the window pane. He wanted to have a clearer look at the situation outside, to confirm whether his Daddy was going to reach home at this time like any other day. However due to the torrential rain outside, it was a futile effort.

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