“When we were in the front killing, Xue Jian just sat within the lobby hiding. He claimed that he was keeping guard over the Variant Zombie, but this was just another formal way of relying on connections! There’s nothing fair in this group! It’s just a bunch of people relying on connections to get benefits. All of our efforts are wasted!” LuLei continued to stir up drama and spoke even louder to justify his statement.

“You stupid woman! We haven’t even been here for a long time! How stupid like a pig can you get! If you hand over DongDong to me, I won’t let harm come to him! I can promise that once he is in my custody, I will leave immediately. If you don’t agree to my terms, then I don’t have the patience to continue arguing!” Liu Gan started getting impatient.The heart stopping shaking and sounds of strikes against the building persisted for more than a dozen minutes before slowly weakening. In the darkness, someone lit a cigarette lighter. Under the light of the weak flame, one could see that everyone’s heads were covered by dust and particulate matter. One could also see incomparably frightened and desperate faces. After that, there was also the ceiling, and the completely torn off wallpaper, and the innumerable cracks on the wall.One could not know how this tornado had started nor how this tornado came to an end. In any case, it had come and gone, devastating the entire city, ravaging the confidence of all the players and survivors. According to Liu Gan’s speculation, more than half of all of the players and survivors inside the city would have perished from the tornado.There was one major point that the players watching in the audience have missed… It was the reason why Qiu Zi decided to take out his axe against Liu Gan. If Qiu Zi had dominated the fight, then there wouldn’t have been a need to use a weapon. Especially since Liu Gan was only using his fists to fight.“Their current reaction matches my speculation. Seems like there was a conspiracy behind the creation of the Beginner Village. It has been planned for a long time. They were probably waiting for someone like me – a strong player. Now is their chance to execute their plan,” Liu Gan stood up from the chair.“Considering Zhou MingLiang’s temper, would he truly force you to do this? Do you think I’m that gullible?” Liu Gan would have none of Xu ChangHui’s lies. He instructed Yin He to tie down the chains of the Yacht again, and then, like a mother chicken carrying her chicks, he grabbed Xu ChangHui by the neck and dragged him back to safety within the high walls.Liu Gan glanced at the bald player’s wound and immediately smelled the fresh scent of iron, then turned a full circle while analyzing his surroundings. Unexplainably, he felt a little dizzy, almost falling head first onto the ground. Since Liu Gan’s legs were originally prosthetics, he hadn’t gotten full control of the sensation yet. So, his body was still trying to reconnect with his brain, causing this temporary instability.“Oh? Since you told me the report for it. I already know the main city will have more advanced zombies. So why should I follow you to protect you? Even if I don’t have the probing device’s help, I can also hunt down colossal zombies. Once I am stronger, then I will find ways to enter the main city to kill those advanced zombies.” Liu Gan shook his head, as he wasn’t too pleased with Jiang JinYuan’s reply.

“You are truly a perfect host. A person with strong soul and firm willpower would definitely have a strong shell. You should be proud to be the next host for my organization’s true leader – the Dragon Commander. He will enjoy your shell once he takes control of it. Aside from you, I don’t think there will be a more suitable candidate to sacrifice to the Dragon Commander. You are definitely the miracle we were waiting for! It was as if you were specifically prepared for us!” Zhan Nan Shan continued.If Zhang ShengLi’s female lackey is this strong, then the leader must be better by several times? What a big mess this had become. Originally, they were only looking for cannon fodder, but now it seemed as if they had invited some strong players! If they were to head into the laboratory now, Zhang ShengLi’s team might take all the good stuff.To retain some freedom of independent movement, Liu Gan had Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng in managerial positions. Without having to worry about the whole group’s safety, Liu Gan could travel independently for more dangerous risks, and when he needed more people, he could always go back to camp to call for help.After looting, Liu Gan took the probing instrument and scanned San Xing Corporation’s building. He obtained the location of the zombies that were dispersed throughout. Liu Gan investigated the locations, and he found an appropriate entry point. It was through the large building 2nd floor open window, on the device it seems like an empty room without any zombies guarding.“Right now was not the time to celebrate. This half of the bridge will collapse any time, even though the Carapace Variant Zombie is dead. The exploded spread of black substances are still very dangerous and active. We must push a car over to cover that area, then cop across on the car tops off of this bridge. If you want to celebrate then wait until we are off this bridge.” Liu Gan told them. Then, Liu Gan picked up his backpack as he started to lead the rest of the group over to the end of the bridge.While selecting the corn, Liu Gan felt a sudden movement by his feet. It was a rabbit jumping out of its burrow. The moment it felt the presence of intruders, it ran into the cornfield. A team member was able to quickly react and go after them, and returned back to the group with three captured rabbits, two rabbits stuck in his belt, and one in his hand.

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