After looking inside, Yin He’s facial expression revealed a baffled expression. Liu Gan knew that Yin He’s emotional processing was very similar to a human’s, so her facial expression showed everything. Judging from her facial expression, it was easy to guess that she must have seen something strange, perhaps it was something unimaginable.LuChen Wang was startled and he tried his best to resist. Frantically flailing around in the hopes that the nearby players would take heed of his situation, but LuChen Wang wasn’t able to draw their attention. As the grip on his neck tightened, LuChen Wang was dragged over to a dark corner. Slowly but surely, LuChen Wang felt his consciousness slipping away as he slowly suffocated.The tentacle monster was on the ceiling and Liu Gan was on the ground. There was a distance of at least 5-6 meters of space between the two. If Liu Gan threw his axe, it wouldn’t inflict much damage on the tentacle monster. After being surprised, it would just swiftly run away towards another direction, just as before.Zhang ShengNan’s boyfriend Ru Hong was an armed policeman, and her brother, Zhang ShengLi, and his friends opened a gym. His occupation was as a fitness trainer. Zhang ShengNan’s major in college was specialized in physical education. So physique of these three was considered rather well developed. The moment they entered into the game, they were able to overcome their initial panic and started to consider how to survive in this world.Inside there were large stacks of various foods and the amount of food was definitely abundant. Liu Gan casually walked in and saw a large bag of rice, flour, noodles, mung beans, yellow beans, powdered milk, canned goods, vacuum packaged meat, it was definitely enough to supply these 40+ people for half a month.The members heard the familiar voice of Liu Gan and didn’t question the order. They immediately got up and took flight. Even the university student and bearded man followed along. Zhang Hua was the first to rush out the door only to discover the young female was still sitting dumbfoundedly on the floor, so he rushed back in to carry her on his shoulder out of the room.Maybe shortly after, she might accidentally get careless, and get scratched on her beautiful face, or eaten through her stomach with her intestines torn out. It would definitely release a stinky smell… Upon entering the game, this wouldn’t be the first time Liu Gan had witnessed this horrifying scene.As the torrential rain splattered on the ground, the rainwater that was not able to drain off accumulated into big puddles on the streets. Normally, this was a very normal scenario, however the water was red! As the rain accumulated on the streets, the red color of the water became more and more bright and glaring. The ground looked like it was filled with blood!

These days that Liu Gan and Yin He spent exploring in Green Station Mountain were still clueless. However, Liu Gan had actually encountered several Variant Zombies within the Green Station Mountain. He easily beheaded them with Yin He’s help, yet he still hadn’t advanced to level 7. According to his estimates, he should advance from level 6 to level 7 after at least killing ten Variant Zombies.Alongside Green Station Mountain was industrial zones, shifting towards an agricultural zone while heading to Green Pao Bay. An endless view of cornfields and farmland, players that had this area as a starting point would be fortunate. At least there wasn’t an imminent threat about having to worry about what to eat or drink. Every day they could find fresh ingredients in meat or vegetables.“She overpowered me after turning around. She opened up her mouth, getting ready to bite me. I was so frightened that I kicked her off of me. I realized everything was really odd when I noticed my wrist watch. That was when I knew I was trapped by the soothing female voice!” said the perverted man.This robust man had a few similarities with Zhao Hui, like maintaining a calm expression while doing such cruel things. But it was very clear to Cheng Qi, that this man and Zhao Hui were not similar people. She was full of gratitude towards this man. Whatever this man did or asked of her right now, she would gladly oblige.During this period of time, they had caught a trespassing player, but they didn’t use this player for hostage exchange for the women who were caught by Tiger Lord. Instead, they wanted to exchange with Tiger Lord a fifty kilogram bag of rice. Needless to say, Tiger Lord hadn’t cared about the player’s safety. He ambushed the exchange site and slit the hostage player’s throat on the spot.Even though Liu Gan only temporarily agreed to escort him to San Xing Corporation’s closest laboratory, Jiang JinYuan was very satisfied with this outcome. Jiang JinYuan still needed to think of a way to reach the main city’s laboratory. His handheld PDA had something the main city’s laboratory needed urgently, so as long as he sent a request to the main city’s laboratory, they would definitely send out a ship or an aircraft to pick him up.There were two relatively large powers from the coast to the prison of Southern NinJing City. One power was the prison guards and convict survivors that were originally in the prison, roughly amounting to seventy or eighty people. With the additional players and local survivors that they had captured as slaves, they totalled to a hundred people.

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