This weakness was something Liu Gan had discovered after fighting against it three times. He noticed that whenever he sidestepped in a fight or changed direction running, the Crocodile would always fall to the ground. Even if it got up off the floor quickly, there was still a one or two second delay. To these players, that was enough time to escape from view.

These zombies couldn’t reach Jiang JinYuan by jumping, so they could only watch frustratedly from below. Unwilling to move on, they focused their glares at Jiang JinYuan. Just in case Jiang JinYuan couldn’t hold on or Liu Gan let go, then they would have a great feast if Jiang JinYuan crashed into them.Even if the probing instrument could scan every ten minutes, the zombie’s location could suddenly change within these ten minutes. Still, the instrument was better than relying on Liu Gan’s senses. As of this moment, every zombie on the second floor could be seen on the PDA. As long as they could avoid the crowded gatherings in certain areas, they could naturally bypass them. This small amount of zombies posed no threat to Liu Gan.Zhan Nan Shan was right, this place was definitely a trap. When Liu Gan came, he had suspicions that something like this might happen, but with a map that clearly pointed in the direction of the laboratory it was just too tempting to not go. Even if he knew it might be a trap, he would still head towards it.These new players that surrounded Liu Gan weren’t familiar with Liu Gan’s personality yet. Only the few familiars like Jiang JinYuan, Zhao Meng, and QiuTao were the ones that Liu Gan would help in critical conditions. Ultimately, if it came down to it, Zhao Meng and QiuTao would have to be given up. It was necessary that he protect Jiang JinYuan this time around.Liu Gan pulled the rag out from the mouth of the baby and the results were as expected, it matched the cries of a normal baby. However, the sound was as sharp as a whistle. Now that the baby was so close, it was an ear-piercing sound. Liu Gan’s eardrum felt like it was going to burst, so he quickly stuffed the rag back into the mouth of the baby to stop the noise.Basement level 1 was the parking lot, according to Jiang JinYuan and San Xing Corporation’s construction design characteristics. The electrical machinery and backup power source couldn’t possibly be on basement level 1. So he suggested to Liu Gan to continue heading downwards. Liu Gan didn’t have any objections, so they both continued. By the time they reached basement level 2, the stairs reached the end, and they couldn’t continue further down.“There may be some men that would fall for that, but it doesn’t work against me!” Liu Gan shouted back. In the real world, he was a son from a wealthy family. Not only was Liu Gan wealthy, but he was also handsome and charming. He had learned not to believe words from spontaneously flirtatious women.Mr. Sheng’s attitude was understandable since he had worked hard to level these players up, and aside from that, there was the issue of losing face. If anyone can come and go as they pleased, then it would set a bad example for those who decided to leave the next time. So even if Xue Jian wanted to take people, there would be repercussions in the form of compensations. On top of that, Zhang ShengLi’s attitude and tone toward Mr Sheng hadn’t helped the situation.

After discussions with Liu Gan, Su Nina chose the new body for Jiang JinYuan. It was one of the bodies stored inside the Nightmare Jellyfish’s internal cavity. The body was very athletic and had a handsome look. This would allow the new Jiang JinYuan to move faster than his former self. In half an hour, Jiang JinYuan’s memory database was transferred into the new body. Using cloning technology to create a Jiang JinYuan that looked exactly like before would’ve taken more than a few days.After the identification card, it requested the fingerprint scanner and the iris authentication afterwards. Following the same procedure used on the previous door, all the authentication tests successfully passed. The metal door made an unlocking sound ‘Ka-Ching’. It was the sound of deadbolts retracting, and then a small crack appeared between the circular metal door and the ground.Qiu Zi had been trying to court LuLu since she had joined. However, LuLu didn’t return any signs of affection. Due to Zhao Nan Shan’s rule of not being able to use force, Qiu Zi could only think of different ways to win LuLu’s heart. One of his method was to bring her gifts, in the form of Variant Zombies so she could level up. LuLu had easily leveled up from 5 to 8. Only recently did she show signs of opening up to him, but now this intruder wanted to take away his love interest.“Your father… He is in this world. He came in to this world to search for you. The day he entered, I was nearby. That day there was a thunderstorm, and tsunami. He nearly died from hypothermia. The very next day, I I took him to the base in the southern region. Before he left, a copy of the photo was passed out to everyone. He can’t be your dad, right? This is too much of a coincidence,” Liu Gan was surprised at the sudden turn of events.After everyone were informed of their tasks, Liu Gan shouted for everyone to get into position. He got onto the car top to divert the Carapace Variant Zombie’s attention away. At the same time, Zhang Hua readied and aligned himself on the runway of cars. Gripping onto the bamboo spear, he waited for Liu Gan’s signal. Liu Gan waited for the Carapace Variant Zombie to open up the shell, then shouted ‘throw’ to Zhang Hua.“With me here, the village won’t have any more problems. Don’t be worried,” Liu Gan replied nonchalantly. Even saying that took some effort, since he could sense that his enemy was overwhelmingly powerful. Even the tactics were a grade higher than his usual encounters, but Liu Gan was confident in his abilities to overcome this challenge.

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