After the members set up their battle formation, it didn’t take them long to kill all of the zombies on the plaza. Liu Gan was deeply moved. Compared with the time when he first transferred in, he was doing incredibly well. With Liu Gan’s current condition, these normal zombies were killed as easily as ants.“What you’re saying is that upon entering San Xing Corporation’s game, the player’s loading screen is no longer in San Xing Corporation’s jurisdiction? So the moment the players join the game, they were already in the process of instant transmission?” Liu Gan had already suspected this was the case.Jiang JinYuan rushed over to where NaNa was. It was in the hallway they had passed through to get to the current lounge. They broke a piece of the wall off, then they moved the tea table and a chair over to that location. Using the tea table as the base, the chair was placed on the table and Jiang JinYuan stood on top of the chair to reach the ceiling. Running his hands along the ceiling, Jiang JinYuan was able to find something. This was all thanks to NaNa’s guidance.

Your watch fell into the lake, but you have no idea which part of the lake. Then you have the audacity to request this impossible task from me?! Are you crazy?! Cai Hao Chen was screaming an internal monologue. This was such a big lake, where did he even begin the search? Such nonsense! It was a chilly day too…When Liu Gan had reached Level 5, his strength had increased to a point where he could easily injure the Giant Variant Zombie, and his speed completely surpassed that of the Giant Variant Zombie. Now that he was Level 6, Liu Gan could dance around the Variant Zombie like it was a toy and still kill it.“I am in love with you, whether you believe it or not. Although I am interested as to what the mothership is really like? I also want to know why they decided to send a member like you? I know you won’t be willing to speak, but that is just my personal curiosity.” Su Nina continued to stare at Liu Gan.With such a long period of time, it was more than enough for Liu Gan to quickly escape from the area where the black substance had would land. The liquid black substance landed not too far from Liu Gan onto the bridge deck. At the same time, noises and a pungent smell came soon after as a hole burned through the concrete. Small potholes were formed, but there weren’t enough to completely burn through the bridge deck.“That is too bad. I was originally supposed to be at the main city’s laboratory working right now. I have no idea why I was sent here. You can look here… There are the several cities on the map, and the city in the center of the largest island is the main city. We are currently located on one of the islands on its outskirts. We need to think of a way to reach the main island. Perhaps a ship or an airplane could get us there.” Jiang JinYuan showed off the PDA to Pan Hua and LuLu, as well as explaining how it works.The shield was gone, but its body parts remained deeply embedded in the wall. The King Crocodile unleashed a painful roar, tugging on its leg and tail. It was relying on one of the legs to pull itself up. That was when Liu Gan started using his ability on the reliant foot, combined with physical attacks using his greataxe.“Disaster? The entire world is already like this, so why are you still worried about what will lead to disaster?” Liu Gan had a very unconcerned expression. Even if his heart warned him of what terrifying thing was trapped within the metallic chest, he still couldn’t help but fancy knowing everything inside. Could it perhaps be a unique legendary weapon?While chasing this colossal zombie, Liu Gan passed a field of zombie corpses. There were at least a dozen zombies. Based on the weapons they used, it didn’t seem like they were players—more like local survivors. Around their corpses were large bloody footprints; it seemed like they had encountered a colossal zombie.

The ancestral hall had two doors, one in the front and the other at the back. Liu Gan signalled to Yin He that he would go through the front door, and for her to go around to the back door. If something happened inside, whoever was in front of the zombie would distract it, while the one behind the zombie would take care of it.Once he escaped back to the plaza center, Liu Gan didn’t return to the green-skinned player’s side. Observing the surroundings briefly, he sped at high speed towards the tall iron pillar that held up the welcoming billboard. Using his arms and legs, he began to climb up the iron pillar towards the top.This scene couldn’t help but trigger Liu Gan’s memory of a previously played horror game. In that game, it had the monitor so that the brightness could be adjusted easily if someone had preset the functions. There were many times that the area outside the radius of the flashlight was pitch black, and players without the lighting preset died to ambushes by more experienced players.Jiang JinYuan finished his first scouting assignment and returned alive to report it. He didn’t encounter any danger, and he was able to repay his debt to Liu Gan in a way. Jiang JinYuan was very happy. Now, he didn’t have to take on any more dangerous tasks, if they went down the list of volunteers.

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