Entering into the factory, the map guided Liu Gan to a particular room. At first look, it was similar to the many of the other normal rooms. However, after entering the room, they found a certain tile in the far corner of the room had a trapdoor. Without this map, they wouldn’t have known where to even start looking.“Ah? No need to do it like this…” Wang DeCheng said while watching Zhang ShengLi. Deep within Wang DeCheng’s heart, he felt conflicted. He didn’t like the idea of using a person as live bait, if he’d wanted the person dead then it would be easier to kill him. This method was too ruthless for him, but since it had been Elder Liu’s decision, Wang DeCheng couldn’t voice his opposition.

“Whether you believe it or not, but if it happens then I regret not warning you about it. If we sleep in this haunted house, something might occur like what had happened to my friend. The mysterious disappearance will take place again. I have a strong premonition that someone will disappear tonight,” Star Yu continued to whisper to Ana.Things like initiating and maneuvering the airship would have to be left to other players to figure out, since they had more time. Liu Gan and Yin He went into the storage cabin and found the small submarine. Typically, small submarines like these had diesel engines and battery power. However, this submarine was gasoline driven. Prior to the thunderstorm, two canisters of gasoline and other goods were relocated aboard the airship. Now the gasoline could be used to fuel the small submarine.The light didn’t reach the other end of the room, but it still reached the bottom… Over ten meters down, there were at least several thousand Black-Spot Variant zombies. When the zombies heard the commotion at the top of the cliff, they tried to scale the walls and climb on top of one another. It resembled a zombie ladder. Since it was hard for the zombies to get a grip on the slippery walls, they were unsuccessful in reaching Liu Gan and his group.“In a large team, there will always be some rushing to the front, but there still needs to be people in the back to support the team. Your ability [Forage] is very meaningful. It is more important than his [Whirlwind Slash] to this team. Now that you have reached level 5, your body’s physical characteristics have increased, which obviously means your combat attributes are better than they were at level 4. That’s why you can’t compare yourself to the past you. Even without a combat ability, your fighting skills are formidable.” Liu Gan comforted Wang DeCheng.LuLu stared at Yin He without a response, mainly because she didn’t know how to respond to that answer. An android? Isn’t that, like, no different from a desktop computer? LuLu thought she could finally have a girl talk with Liu Gan’s girlfriend, but it seems like Yin He was no different from a computer. It was as if LuLu was staring at the monitor of a portable computer, looking for a response.“Then, Brother Wang, how do we join you guys?” asked Zhou MingLiang. Zhou MingLiang loved to talk. He was an expert when it came to interpersonal communications. After hearing the other players interact with Wang DeCheng, by calling him Brother Wang, Zhou MingLiang followed suite. It was to close the distance between the two of them so they could become more friendly, even though he was older than Wang DeCheng.This wasn’t the first time Liu Gan had experienced a drug injection, and with two members confirming the test procedure, Liu Gan decided to test his own luck. There was no harm in trying, and the first time he injected himself, he was able to awaken his [Psychic Shock] ability. Being able to awaken another ability would be a wonderful addition to his collection.Of the three from Zhang ShengLi’s group, the strongest should probably be the leader. Since the two lackeys were so strong, the leader’s [Rising Dragon Fist] must be a bug! It must be as powerful as it was said to be! Wang Chao and his crew were really starting to regret sending out the broadcast. Instead of getting cannon fodder, they attracted several elites!

Liu Gan had an overwhelming combat strength, and was also very deadly in his tactics. When Liu Gan threatened to escort them into the prison, they knew he wasn’t joking. They had four level 5 players, but Liu Gan was able to suppress them all without using his ability. It was just purely based on the difference in strength that forced them to submit to his will. Even now, the three riders didn’t have the courage to rebel.No one else spoke, they knew what they had to do. They worked hard to gather firewood and cleared up an empty patch for the bonfire. Burning firewood could serve as a screen for annoying mosquitoes and illuminated the darkness. Once the area was lit up, Liu Gan ordered every member to focus on stacking up the firewood for the bonfire.LuLu’s actions were quite infuriating to Liu Gan. He even had thoughts of beating her, but he also understood LuLu’s reasoning. A big factor had to do with how she felt for him. If he let her get killed because of that reason, then wouldn’t he lose face? Someone helping him out of good intentions, but ending up dying for it, it would leave a bad reputation for future incidents when others wanted to help him.“Of course, I’ve lived here my whole life. The purpose of our helicopter trip was to search the houses for usable resources and then return. After lifting off, I saw someone on the billboard, so we flew closer…” The female looked strangely at Liu Gan. She seemed to feel a lot of discrepancy when talking with Liu Gan.“You took the initiative to take gasoline from our gas station without our permission. Do you still think we needed a reason to kill you?” said the male leader who had a scar running down his face. In the leader’s hand was an assault rifle; he was the only person with that type of weapon out of the group.

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