Zhou MingLiang embarrassingly tried to laugh it off. This half of the bridge hadn’t collapsed, and when would it collapse was very hard to predict. No one knew what had caused it to stabilize. In the event that it hadn’t been stabilized and everyone had not climbed up onto the steel ladder, they would’ve fallen with the bridge deck into the monsters’ mouths.“Ah, Brother Liu, in the meantime you can go refuel. I will go see our current camp leader [Mr. Sheng] and explain to him the current situation. I will return shortly,” Xue Jing replied happily. Xue Jing had planned to escape to the countryside long ago but he hadn’t had the ability to guide his group members. It was a good opportunity for him to meet with Liu Gan and his squad.The sound of a horde of zombies escaped from that dark tunnel. As each different zombie produced different noises, it didn’t sound like the normal zombies. These zombies kept moaning at different intervals so there was hardly a moment of silence. The noise didn’t seem to be coming at eye level, it sounded like it was at a much deeper location.From an outsider’s point of view on Liu Gan’s fight against Qiu Zi, there was only a slight level difference, which was why it was hard to determine a winner. As for anyone who wasn’t within the level range, they couldn’t even fathom going against Liu Gan. There was only one person left, and that was Second Elder.

“Yes, these are quite different from the normal zombies. It can have a very large body with a combat strength ten times that of normal zombies. It can also lurk in darkness, ambush us with razor sharp tentacles, and kill us with a one hit KO. Judging from your current strength, you are no match for these types of variant zombies in a direct confrontation. So if you do encounter them, be sure to retreat as far away from the battlefield as possible. Once I have finished, I will come back and regroup with you,” explained Liu Gan, going over in detail what they should do.The battle wasn’t impossible, as there were several level 5 players to hold down the frontline, and also Liu Gan with Yin He to aid in critical situations. Many of the other team members were more like side characters. But with over a thousand of zombies dead, there were still seven wounded and one dead player.However, when this kind of basic defensive [Mist Armor] was compared with Liu Gan’s awakened ability [Mist Armor], it was actually very weak. The thickness of it was not even one tenth of the [Mist Armor] on Liu Gan’s body. Therefore when the windbreaker-player suffered another axe attack from Liu Gan, the [Basic Mist Armor] outside of his body was immediately dispersed. The dazzling blue light was precisely a distinctive phenomenon which would appear just before the [Basic Mist Armor] was about to break.“Boss men, if you would be willing to accept me, I am willing to join you. As you can see, I am very good at fighting. Even though you have lost a companion, if you include me in the group, I am definitely more useful than him. If a team has a good fighter, then it will be a lot easier to survive while staying within [The Trembling World]. Our goal is to survive and return back to the real world, right? If you accept me, I can replace that person who died.”“So there’s nothing to be afraid of. As long as we don’t wander off alone or act independently, then the Variant Zombie wouldn’t have a chance to strike. Right now, we need to wake everyone else. Gather everyone so they won’t be in danger,” Liu Gan ordered after he thought about it. Then the individual squad leaders all went around to gather up the remaining squad members.“Do you feel like you are the smartest person in this world? Do you have x-ray vision, and are you a know-it-all? Do you think other people are very dumb? You are really selfish and inconsiderate! No wonder you are always alone without any friends at school!” Zhang ShengNan started to attack Liu Gan after being insulted. She felt hurt and started instigating attacks onto Liu Gan since his tone wasn’t too courteous to her.Just when ChenChen came over to tie Cheng Qi, she suddenly stretched out her hand and violently grabbed at ChenChen’s eyes. However, Zhao Hui who was standing at one side already on guard, immediately smashed the iron rod at Cheng Qi’s back. Her body shuddered in pain before she collapsed on the floor. Afterwards, ChenChen tightly bound her up.The immense pressure and fear caused some of the less courageous people to pee their pants. It was good for them that the lakeside mud had a stronger odor than the pee, it was enough to mask the odor. The King Crocodile didn’t discover the group of humans hiding in the mud, continuing with its patrol before leaving.

“You don’t have to be so afraid of me. As long as you don’t provoke me and you listen to my words, I won’t do anything to you. I will do my best, so you can arrive at the main city’s laboratory. However, if I find out that you are hiding something from me or taking advantage of me, I will not be happy. When I’m not happy, the consequences will be severe.” Liu Gan said as he scavenged the corpses for loot.“Impossible! It can’t be you! How can you enter into the city? I was with Zhou MingLiang, but he is gone, and there you are! There is definitely something wrong! Are you a ghost? Or is this my hallucination!?” Xu ChangHui shook his head frantically. Knowing the prior experiences of what had happened to Zhou JingJing and Lee Miao, he wouldn’t let himself be fooled so easily.It was at this moment that the noise of activity started coming through the bedroom door. It sounded like broadcasting. The cabin doors were supposed to be soundproof, but even through two doors it was possible to hear the sounds. The broadcasting sound system must have been very loud in the hallway. So, especially with Liu Gan’s enhanced hearing, it wasn’t surprising he could hear it.

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