“My precious life…I was the plasma within the universe nebula storm. I don’t know how I wandered all the way onto this planet, where I was captured and placed into the body of the biochemical android. At least, that was until the thunderstorm. The lightning strike of a hundred billion volts that shattered my cage…

As the color of the sky turned dark, Liu Gan drove the car back along the road they had passed earlier to return back to the prison. Upon returning, he surprisingly discovered that the prison was encircled by over 10,000 zombies layered upon each other. Furthermore, there were flames blazing everywhere around the high walls, and once in a while there were sounds of sporadic gunshots that can be heard. The guard personnel were still alive, and desperately killing the zombie ladder that the corpse tide had put up.“Okay, I can give these items to you as a way to express my sincerity.” Liu Gan said after thinking for a little bit. Liu Gan acted as if he was hesitant before he threw the fire axe a few meters away from him. Then, he placed his bag and other weapons down on the floor. He even placed the dagger by his waist on the floor, and then he stepped back a few meters away.The two females who had worked here in the depot were able to confirm Liu Gan’s theory that Green Station Mountain had a vast range of coverage. It started from their location and stretched dozens of kilometers outward to the west. However, when asked if they had heard of San Xing Corporation, both females responded that they had not. They had never seen San Xing Corporation cars operate in this area either.Of course, it is just an idea. To execute that plan into action, it wouldn’t be too realistic, since the main concern in the apocalyptic world was still to secure a steady food source. If he had too many players following him, then there would be too many mouths to feed and that would be a fatal problem.”You come with me.” Zhou MingLiang rushed to the bridge with Liu Gan, and helped him to pry open the iron covers to get inside of the bridges maintenance layer. Within the maintenance layer there were a few zombies which were wearing uniforms and wandering round, but soon they were all killed by Liu Gan.A short moment later, bubbles of large and small sizes started to flow out from the pores all over his body. Liu Gan held himself underwater for another ten minutes. The whole time, he was conscious with a refreshing feeling that felt like breathing. His skin had the ability to break down the water into oxygen and hydrogen as he held his breath in the tub.Another white-coated scientist was also panicking as he looked around, he too tried to run toward the cabin door. This time, the lower half of his body broke off. His head had a linear cut from left to right. His body collapsed and his eyes became lifeless. The top of his skull was removed cleanly from his head along with parts of his brain. The collapsed body revealed a cleanly sliced off cerebrum.Liu Gan shouted loudly, threw away his broken machete, and used his fist instead to smash the head of the colossal zombie. After ten brutal fists to the head of the colossal zombie, it’s brain became a pile of mush. At the same time, one large hazy black orb leaked out of the colossal zombies body and poured into Liu Gan.

Another player called Yuan HongJun, who was tall and lanky, had awakened an ability called [Water Source]. When compared with Wang DeCheng’s [Forage] skill, the range of Yuan HongJun’s skill to search for water sources was far wider. No matter how large or small the source of water was, within several kilometers, he could vaguely sense its location after activating his ability.Lo and behold, right above his head by the edge of the cliff, there were several rows of iron hooks. These hooks were spaced half a meter apart, and stretched endlessly into the darkness. This was the test of ‘valor’ that Liu Gan was expecting. Seems like they had to rely on these iron hooks to swing straight into the darkness. Since both hands were going to be occupied, they wouldn’t have any flashlights to know where the end is. This was truly a test of courage. Not knowing where the end is, but the courage to keep on going.Wei Liang and the male and female scientists also demonstrated frightening capabilities. They each had a wristwatch, which meant they weren’t originally scientists. Su Nina must have taken these players as specimen bodies. Before Su Nina ‘brainwashed’ them, they were quite capable. There was no one lagging behind and they were moving at a relatively fast pace.Jumping into the ice-cold water, Cai Hao Chen felt as if his heart was going crazy; it was beating like an alpaca galloping through the pastures. It was very cold! Like a heart-piercing cold! This was all while he was standing in the water, imagine if he had to submerge his whole body into the water! What a torturous way of suffering!…After returning to the restaurant in the first floor hall, ChenChen walked to the entrance and looked around outside. The weather was even gloomier than the weather this morning, and it always seemed as if a thunderstorm was coming. It looked like they may be staying the night in this restaurant. With Cheng Qi and Yao Yi to keep them company, surely tonight would be entertaining?“Lord Liu has such great reflexes! We would be put to shame if we compared ourselves with you! Now that the current leader is dead, our village security will be compromised if we don’t have a new leader. Would you become our lord and take over this village? I would be the first willing follower to obey your commands!” Zhao Nan Shan shouted to Liu Gan for everyone else in the area to hear.

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