It was at this moment that the noise of activity started coming through the bedroom door. It sounded like broadcasting. The cabin doors were supposed to be soundproof, but even through two doors it was possible to hear the sounds. The broadcasting sound system must have been very loud in the hallway. So, especially with Liu Gan’s enhanced hearing, it wasn’t surprising he could hear it.After hearing this person narrate the timeline of his duties, Liu Gan suspected that Zhan Nan Shan didn’t want the village to have any contact with the outside world. Yet, they have to keep up the facade of having a communications room. All of that was an act just so they could have a communications room, but limit the functions of the devices.Only searching through one household had provided everyone with plentiful rewards. They had gathered many types of food, drinks, beer, yogurts, and many more. There were some fruits that hadn’t spoiled yet, so everyone could enjoy their meal. There were some packets of food and powdered milk that couldn’t be eaten directly and had to be eaten with rice or noodles.From a first glimpse at this description, Liu Gan was hesitant. With the dangers of not knowing where the Gate might lead, would it be worth the risk? To top it off, his Stats and skills wouldn’t be available immediately. So if he encountered danger the moment he crossed through the Gate, it would mean imminent death.Yin He revealed her shining sleeve blades, and she rushed over to the young girl like an arrow. Once the young girl had reached the stairs at the end of the hallway, a loud ‘bang!’ noise was heard as shattered glass fell onto the floor. She broke through the glass window and was scaling the exterior of the building to escape. Yin He continued to chase after her on the outside of the window. Liu Gan reached the end of the hallway where the glass had broken. He could only hear sounds of battling and more glass breaking, but they quickly disappeared out of his line of sight.“These three players are part of Tiger Lord’s clique. Even though every player has their own group they associate with, I worry that after Tiger Lord’s death they will create trouble behind the scenes. Why don’t we have a few of our players keep a close eye on them, even if it is temporarily.” Wang DeCheng whispered in a low tone to Liu Gan. Even though Wang DeCheng wasn’t able to be apart of Tiger Lord’s close circle, and even heavily relied on him, right now it was a good chance for him to display his usefulness in front of Liu Gan.Liu Gan removed the backpack and threw it onto the floor. Lifting his axe, Liu Gan rushed towards the two zombies. The zombies who were eating Wang ChangShun lifted their heads when they heard Liu Gan approaching, and immediately pounced towards him when they saw him approaching them. His axe cleaved down the skull of one zombie, while his lightning fast hand grabbed onto the throat of the other zombie.Soon the tornado blew closer to the blocks nearby, and it swept up the zombies in the plaza that Liu Gan hadn’t killed into mid air. Instantly under the high speed velocity of the wind, it banged on the building and produced horrifying sounds. Thankfully, it didn’t break into the room that the people were in.

There were two reserve depots that were connected to the train system. Even the required access card and keys were dropped as part of Zhan Nan Shan’s personal belongings. With this train system, Liu Gan wouldn’t have to waste a day or two of travel to reach the laboratory. Ultimately, the decision was made to leave Jiang Jin-Yuan and Gao Sun behind in the laboratory to monitor and understand the laboratory’s day-to-day operations.“I am only speculating, that might not be the exact truth. The original players with us, their souls are no longer in their bodies. After the injection, their body was injected with the souls of soldiers. However, the body and soul needs time to synchronize, before the soldiers soul can control the body completely,”In addition, even the three level 5 players that were by the windbreaker-player’s side had all knelt down. The other people that were lower level were courting death if they didn’t kneel. Liu Gan and Yin He had revealed that their strength far exceeded their imagination. Once they had to faced the two of them, they didn’t even have the courage to flee.Hearing that Zhou MingLiang was killed by Xu ChangHui, almost all team members were shocked. There’d been people constantly dying ever since their escape from the hospital. Precedently, it was the near-death experience with Zhou JingJing and Lee Miao by the bathroom, and now it was Zhou MingLiang.The prison compound was surrounded by high walls of several meters high with only one entrance way to enter. The entrance had a thick and durable metal gate. It was a position that bottlenecked the enemies, so it was easy to defend and hard for enemies to breakthrough. With Zhang ShengLi standing like a goalie, no one could bypass him without paying the price of their life.Jiang JinYuan had no choice, so he could only investigate the metal door and nearby areas. Perhaps, it was due to a slight press on a hidden button, but a panel revealed itself. It was another type of electrically powered metal door lock. Just like before, Liu Gan broke the outer sheet metal for the panel. Then Jiang JinYuan pulled cables from the interior and proceeded to connect the cables into his PDA’s ports.Seeing that Li ChangHui had been beaten so badly, Tiger Lord knew that Liu Gan couldn’t be low leveled. It was possible that he was also level 5. Even though, Tiger Lord rushed back with his elite squad, Liu Gan continued to eat and drink. This made Tiger Lord very mad because Liu Gan ignored him while eating and drinking, but before acting on impulse, he asked Liu Gan for an explanation.

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