Even so, they were cautious, calculating people. The original plan was to call for extra mercenaries to act as cannon fodder, but the unfavorable turn of events changed it all. In order to lower the mercenaries’ guards, they were self revealing their so-called abilities, while keeping their true abilities a secret.The other three players weren’t sure of what Liu Gan was doing, but seeing that Liu Gan had started running, they felt something was off, and started to trail behind Liu Gan. The four players then stood still by the wall. Before the three youthful players had left to go to the plaza, they had been boasting about how they would kill all the zombies. Now, it was only the red-haired player, who was covered in blood, getting chased by three zombies behind him. The red-haired player turned the corner, and rushed in the general direction of the street where Liu Gan was.

Right now, the Seventh Elder was using stalling tactics. With something this huge happening in the village, someone would definitely have left to contact the Elder Leader and Second Elder. All that was left was to buy time for them and the elite squad to return. The tactic was to lead Liu Gan to the plaza center and have him waste time searching for people. This way Liu Gan will be stalled and their leader would have time to return.“Are you okay? Do you have a stomachache? If you can’t bear with the pain, we can continue this on another day.” Liu Gan sincerely concerned with Qiu Zi. For being a good sparring partner for this long, Liu Gan felt it was only right to be concerned for the wellbeing of his partner. Qiu Zi’s efforts had been recognized by Liu Gan.In real life, Liu Gan was a rich second generation, so he had no stress in living conditions and he had a lot of favorite hobbies. He could do whatever he wished to do, with a means of funding it. Liu Gan’s favorite activity was parkour. A little more than a year earlier he joined China Central Television’s (CCTV) show “Challenging the Impossible”. Through parkour, he broke a few top world records that no one else had been able to topple.No two secret laboratories in The Trembling World were the same, and they could be filled with endlessly different possibilities. Yin He was rescued by Liu Gan from a secret laboratory. Only with Yin He’s constant protection and assistance was Liu Gan was able to become this strong this fast. Without Yin He, he would not be level 9 this quickly.Liu Gan glanced at LuLu and thought to himself, “Looking at how familiar she is with the kid and with her temperament, she will definitely want to bring the kid along. With the kid beside her, he will only be a burden and nothing else. Once they encounter any danger, he will most likely drag her to her demise.”“Lord Liu has a plan of creating an army, of equipping up four thousand people here, and then heading into the city to clear the island of zombies and monsters. As long as NinJing City is safe, then you and your father can meet one day. No need to rush,” Han GuangMing and Jiang JinYuan hurried to convince Lin ShiYa.“Brother Liu, don’t get angry. We are fighting with the local survivors, I only asked to confirm your identity. As a mere formality, it is also a requirement set by our Camp Boss, Tiger Lord. This is to prevent local survivors from mixing into our camp.” The male player politely explained to Liu Gan.Walking closer to the damaged Spatial Transfer Gate, it was rather calm. Like the eye of the storm, it had only a few disturbances, and only a slow piece of Spatial Crack revolving slowly close to it. Liu Gan timed it carefully to put Peng Xuetao in front of the Spatial Crack. At the same time, Liu Gan placed the lower half of Peng Xuetao into the damaged Spatial Transfer Gate.

“Squad Leader Han! He’s been mumbling this whole time. He mentioned something about hearing a sound. Like a whistling type of noise. I don’t want to be paired up with him on the first floor, can you rearrange me to be on another floor!” LuChen Wang shouted while walking up to greet them. In LuChen Wang’s eyes, he had finally met his savior from this terrible experience.“Facility shut down? It can’t be opened?” Liu Gan replied to Wei Liang. The moment Liu Gan heard about the possibility of having polymerized photon nanomites, he was very excited. Even though he casually mentioned it, he never expected to be able to find such valuable resource at this location.Yin He stared at the katanas like they were long-lost friends. She was reminded of her old body with the sleeve blades. Liu Gan has his greataxe already, so he handed over the katanas to Yin He. To conserve energy, Yin He was more suited for close quarter combat rather than constantly shooting lasers. So, dual-wielding katanas was ideal for her needs.“You guys talked about Liu Gan. Is this player really strong? One time he could kill several zombies and another time he was able to kill 5 delinquents, is that right? Where is this person now? Can I meet him?” Jiang JinYuan was obsessed with Liu Gan from what he had heard so far from Pan Hua and LuLu.The ground-level warehouse was only a small portion visible to the naked eye. It was actually a cover up; the underground storage area was three to four times larger than the ground floor. Within the underground storage, there was even more food stored, as well as other necessities like towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bed sheets, clothes, and daily commodities.

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