Then Yao Yi and Cheng Qi, the mother-daughter pair, arrived at the Lucky Garden District. They explained their situation to LuLu and how Liu Gan had rescued them. They explained that Liu Gan pointed out this safe haven to them. LuLu mistook that as sign of Liu Gan returning back to her. She could only daydream her fantasy of him returning to her after he finished his business.Noticing how calm Liu Gan’s demeanor was, Zhan Nan Shan sighed. If he had to guess, by now Xie Dong Cheng, Qu Han, and Ge Rufeng were probably half as good as dead. No one would’ve thought that they would disobey his order from yesterday. To do such traitorous things, they deserved to die. Hopefully, this wouldn’t affect his secret agenda.[The Trembling World] had strengthened the team member’s recovering ability and it far surpassed an ordinary person’s. Compared with level 5 players, there was also a substantial increase in recovery ability between them and level 4 and below players. Wang DeCheng’s wound by a metal pipe and Han GuangMing’s bullet injury had already completely healed. Han GuangMing’s burn on his body was also currently healing as a few areas had already grown new skin. If this was the real world then it would have been an impossible feat.“I couldn’t stop myself fast enough. Instinctively I clicked on it with my mouse. The next thing I knew, I was transferred here! The initial moments of arriving were really terrifying. Not too far from me were two zombies; the moment they saw me, they charged toward me. That was when I knew, I was a victim of this game…

So there are a lot of rumors lately. I guess I should declare my stance. In chinese there is a saying “饮水思源”, simply it means when you drink from the river, know the source. The meaning behind it is to remember where you came from. I started at GravityTales, I’m going to with stay. I will only state facts. GGP treats everyone with respect, like a true gentlemen for the past two years I’ve known him. Thank you for staying.Liu Gan understood that Zhang ShengLi couldn’t move, so he went back to grab him. He realized that Zhang ShengLi didn’t have any clothes on, so Liu Gan casually grabbed the clothes at the foot of the bed, and tied it around Zhang ShengLi’s waist. Afterwards, Liu Gan dragged Zhang ShengLi out the door.Liu Gan and Zhou MingLiang forced themselves into a sprint for the other half of the bridge deck. Only after they joined up with the group did they stop running. Then they both took deep breaths to regain their composure and at the same time turned back to look at the scene of the suspension cables snapping around due to recoil.Previously with DuDu on the 89th floor, Zhang ShengNan was scolded by Liu Gan as dumb and stupid. She had lost all her pride. Even if Zhang ShengLi and Hu Rong apologized to her and ShengLi slapped himself on the face, she couldn’t restore her pride. This was because she knew that these two men had always accommodated her, even if they didn’t share her viewpoint nor supported the things she did.“Ok, ok, ok! Since you insist! Don’t open fire! We will leave!” When the male saw that the opposing party unexpectedly had guns, he was frightened into immediately driving his ATV back into the group. After he had discussed with someone who seemed to be their leader, who wore a black wind jacket. A few people fiercely glared towards the prison with an evil look. The group once again proceeded to move, towards the direction of the urban area route they had came by, gradually fading within the dusky sky.Star Yu was standing on the sidelines, discontent and disappointed with the current situation. If he hadn’t told anyone of his terrible past, then Sun Chao wouldn’t have gotten scared and fallen into the well. He wouldn’t have been punished for disrupting troop morale. It should’ve been him who leveled up! He lost such a precious opportunity, just like that!The minimart had a glass door that was covered in a blackish-brown blood stain. Borrowing the moonlight that seeped through the glass door, Liu Gan’s vision could partially see inside… The shelves were knocked onto the floor, and it looked like it had been cleared by people already, so they might not find anything useful even after searching the place.“Okay, if it makes you feel better then I will temporarily remove your position as vice leader, due to your mistakes I will suspend it for two days. Within this time, use it to reflect upon your actions.” Liu Gan said to Zhang ShengLi. Liu Gan knew that Zhang ShengLi was the type of person that would have a huge inner guilt built up if he wasn’t properly punished.

“Yeah! Let’s stop bringing down morale. If we decide to follow Elder Liu, we will eventually find the real spatial transfer. At this time, we should not add to Elder Liu’s problem!” Wang DeCheng said. Wang DeCheng was slightly embarrassed for his actions earlier, as he should always have been on Liu Gan’s side as his squad leader.“Everyone be on alert, form groups of four and take defensive formation. The members of each squad must not be dispersed or separated. It is likely that someone has come here before and caused something horrific to happen,” ordered Liu Gan. He extended his hand to stop everyone, having them maintain defensive formations and increase their alertness. Afterwards, he had Yin He land on the island to investigate.“No, we have never heard any crying before. We patrolled everywhere during the day, and hadn’t seen anyone else in the fishing village. Unless someone had wandered over here and hid during the day and avoided detection from us. With the current thunderstorm, they’re probably scared being by themselves and ended up crying,” the chubby Liu Hao also suggested.

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