After the huge corpse tide fight, Zhang ShengLi felt that simply passively keeping guard on the walls didn’t have much significant purpose. On the other hand, proactively digging trenches would require too much human labor. If the trenches were dug too shallow or too narrow, it wouldn’t work either, so it was best to give up that idea.Liu Gan and the green-skinned player leapt apart, and the three zombies charged right into the crowd behind them. One of the zombies went for a male player, whilst the other two zombies got a different male player. These players thought that with Liu Gan and the green-skinned player in the front, they themselves would not take any damage from the force but they didn’t expect them to roll away. So without any preparation, the moment the zombies came in contact, they tumbled hard onto the ground. They cursed at Liu Gan and the green-skinned player, and moaned in misery.As Jiang JinYuan had said, after successfully breaking through the password’s first letter, the following twenty other digits were decrypted at an even faster speed. Every ten seconds or so, it was able to crack another digit. After a few minutes, the password was all filled and produced a ‘Ding!’ with the lights glowing green. It also requested the identity card notification.

“As long as this hallucinogenic-causing Variant Zombie is nearby, it proves that there is a high chance of a secret laboratory being situated around here. It is just that we haven’t found the right entrance to it.” Liu Gan said out loud. He was more interested in the high-technological products and enhancing medicine than having the ability to produce hallucinations.“Not even five minutes?” Liu Gan was feeling down. Now that he knew of the location of a Spatial Transfer Gate, they could take the risk to use that route. The problem was that the Spatial Transfer Gate was broken. From Su Nina’s earlier theory, it would require absorbing a ton of energy before it could function. By that time, he wouldn’t even have a body left.“This place is not safe at all. Ever since our vehicles have been stolen, hasn’t anyone suspected anything? Tonight, something definitely will go wrong,” HuJun was deeply disturbed as he pulled aside Zhou JingJing. He was afraid of getting reprimanded by Elder Liu for saying such paranoid words.“There are underwater Variant Zombies that resemble sharks. With this biochemist sponsor as bait and these iron hooks attached to the iron chains as the fishing line, it would be perfect for hooking in these Variant Zombies. This way Little Han could join the ranks of level 5’s,” Zhang ShengLi said to Wang DeCheng as both of them got to work at the rear of the yacht.Liu Gan’s threat was very effective. These scientists were threatened and intimidated by Zhan Nan Shan to work. Now that Zhan Nan Shan had been suppressed by an even fiercer person, it was natural that they obeyed the law of nature where the strongest was in command. So when Liu Gan spoke up, these scientists quickly reported their research findings to Liu Gan.The road to the warehouse had zombies that were cleared out by Zhang ShengLi. New zombies had wandered onto the road as they had to once again cleared the route out. These zombies were the ones that Zhang ShengLi had missed, so there weren’t too many regular zombies wandering around. At the group’s current level, the regular zombies weren’t a threat, it was just time consuming.“Let everyone rest up, separate into a few teams, and rotate to do night guard duties. Everyone must remain in the Lobby, so don’t think about leaving! It is only a Variant Zombie that has a hallucinogenic-inducing ability. It isn’t some spirit or ghost, so there is nothing to be afraid of! As long as you can keep watch of this place then it can’t get to us!” Zhang ShengLi dished out orders to everyone else after he understood Liu Gan’s plan.Liu Gan and the others turned around to look. To their surprise, it was the smile of a naive young girl. Her hair was tied up into two space buns, she wore a red jacket and white embroidered dress, and a white pair of shoes to match the dress. Her clothes matched the exact description of whom they were searching for.

Like the calm before a storm, everything was quiet. Since the black substance was sprayed out in a form of a mist for wide-area effect, Liu Gan wasn’t able to see if it had landed. He wasn’t sure whether it had even landed within the shell or simply dissolved before it even got close to the shell. There was also the question of whether or not Zhang ShengLi was able to get the ring off of the grenade.From their departure from the district, the food they ate in the apartment was several hours ago. After an intense journey, these players were tired and starved. Liu Gan wasn’t satisfied until he found the entrance to the laboratory and the dangers within it. But as he looked at the faces of his tired teammates, Liu Gan could only agree to Wang DeCheng’s suggestion.Taking the opportunity while the Kingler was distracted, Wang Chao, Yan Su and Lu Fan escaped toward the window entrance. They all passed through the field of flowers, and parked in front of the plaza a peculiar heavy-duty helicopter. It gave off the feeling that it was built using futuristic technology.After two hours of fruitless searching, the Kingler advanced zombie still didn’t appear. At the same time, these six players were exhausted from being in a constant state of alertness. Ever since they arrived, they had the feeling that the Kingler was right around the corner. Liu Gan was about to temporarily give up, since after two hours they still didn’t have the slightest clue of where it might be.

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