“He has fear of heights, and when we were on the bridge, climbing the top of the steel pillar, I also boasted about him with a few words! We survived the hundred meter high climb, so I did not expect him to die from ziplining seven or eight meters high. I feel bad for him! “Wang DeCheng also lamented a few words.After a slight hesitation, LuLu got up and immediately followed behind them. She still had the slightest hope that Liu Gan would bring her along. To her, it seemed that only Liu Gan was strong and capable enough to protect her. In addition, he didn’t display any nasty behavior towards LuLu previously.“I think that……Even though this world is virtual reality, we shouldn’t lose all of our humanity. So what if they were slaves made to perform sexual deeds. I recommend that we follow their idea and ask them if they wish to stay. If they wish to leave, then we won’t stop them; if they don’t want to leave then we will treat them the same as if they were a team member. By giving them work that is suitable for them and to never again disgrace them against their wishes,” Zhang ShengLi proposed a few words after thinking about it.Yin He stood in front of Liu Gan in a flash. She was able to lip and grab ahold of the two sharpened bamboo javelins while in a mid-air jump. Then, Yin He looked over at the direction where the javelin was thrown from… It was from a certain building in front of them. There were several shadows that disappeared, and unmistakably, those javelins were aiming to take his life.

Liu Gan couldn’t just stand idly anymore. So just like how it was in his dreamland, he kicked down the red cabin door and borrowed a underwater flashlight from Wei Liang. Then, with one hand he carried Su Nina on his shoulder. On the other hand, he carried Peng Xuetao by the waist and rushed over to the Spatial Transfer Gate area.From the society rules to arranging the tasks, it was all Zhao Nan Shan working behind the scenes. Qiu Zi was the puppet to execute his bidding. Although Qiu Zi agreed to follow Zhao Nan Shan’s bidding, this matter was highly confidential and only the two of them knew. In the village, not even Third or Fourth Elder knew.The problem was when Liu Gan was prepared to depart, he still hadn’t seen Lin ShiYa. Cheng Qi urgently rushed out from the villa and handed over a letter to Liu Gan. She said that ever since Lin ShiYa came home, she had shut herself in. She didn’t eat breakfast this morning and it was already 9 AM. Cheng Qi was worried something might have happened to her, so she tried knocking, and found the door unlocked.After the last large-scale corpse tide, the number of players they had was down to eleven. With these players refilling the ranks in their group, the number in Liu Gan’s group had bounced back to over forty. After all the food were relocated onto the yacht, everyone was gathered in formation on the front street of the base camp. The view of such a formidable group gave off the feeling that it was a well-trained and powerful army.“Her identity is still within the network, it hasn’t been erased yet. It is listed with a status of ‘missing’. So transferring the rights over to her was a lot easier. If you had wanted me to transfer the rights over to you, I don’t think I could have done that. In the database, there isn’t any information regarding you.” Su Nina looked at Liu Gan.On the other hand, instead of rebelling, several Elders and several regular players tried to escape the village with their private property. They were preparing to escape and establish a new base to continue their slave owner lifestyle. Fortunately, they didn’t get a chance to escape too far away when NaNa caught up and killed the leader of the group. These escapees were escorted back to the village.“A misunderstanding? The prison camp was seized from when those vicious people had killed and injured more than twenty of our brothers. Since we took it over through sweat and blood first, the camp naturally belongs to us! The prison is in great need of manpower. If you were willing to peacefully join us then I would have naturally accepted you in. However you went as far as using this kind of despicable method in seizing the compound, and wished to cause my brothers in the prison to be wiped out! You can’t just use the excuse of a misunderstanding to dismiss it all” Liu Gan clearly did not accept this person’s standpoint at all.After Liu Gan finished exterminating the two Variant Wolves closest to him, he rushed over. Only through multiple enhancements to his eyes was he able to see a blurry presence of the Advanced Bear moving around in the dark. Equally important was his keen sense of smell that locked onto the bear’s distinct fishy scent. Then Liu Gan charged over in its direction with the intention of casting [Psychic Shock] when he got closer.

Surviving within apocalyptic times, strength is the ultimate deciding factor. Absolute strength to overwhelm the opponent meant being relentless without a chance for the opponent to take revenge. However, if your combat strength was inferior to the enemy, then utilizing tactics would be your best option to obtain the upper hand. In the current situation, Liu Gan had the upper hand as he was still undiscovered. He could easily wait for a good method to kill the opponent.This type of aura was on a spiritual level. Only those with spiritual power surpassing the other person can give off such a feeling. Liu Gan let off this aura to reveal his strength. In terms of strength it was relatively similar to Elder Leader and Second Elder’s aura. Now that the Seventh Elder is held down, no one could dare say no to Liu Gan.Advancing to level 5 was not easy! In any team, strong players were very much respected, so it was not worth holding a secret to die there. Seeing the twisted appearance created from the pain of his comrade next to him, the rider immediately spoke up. It was evident that this person had unexpectedly sampled the feeling of the sharp axe chopping off his leg just from looking at his comrade.

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