As it started charging, Liu Gan could smell the fishy stench in the air coming from the bear. The sense of danger was getting stronger; it was definitely an advanced beast. It didn’t bother to attack before, so it must have some level of intelligence. It was waiting for other beasts to attack to measure the capabilities of the people.She had already lost hope in being able to reach the main city across the several hundred kilometers of open water; not to mention, the search for the interspatial laboratory, so that she could return back to the real world. This was because she didn’t have any courage in being able to survive much longer in this zombie world. If there was a quicker method, she wouldn’t mind trying it out.The distance from here to the prison’s walls were already less than thirty meters. After they had dealt with the four gunmen in the building on the edge of the street, the sound of a burst of chaotic gunshots had once again come from on top of the tall wall with a few of the bullets brushing past the sides of Liu Gan and Yin He’s bodies.

Liu Gan didn’t make a sound. He knew it would be difficult for Zhang ShengLi to survive this kind of wound. This place wasn’t like the real world where he could be sent to the hospital for surgery. While suffering from this kind of injury, even if the bamboo javelin didn’t sever any major blood vessels, it still pierced through the body. Even suturing the wound and preventing infection would be a huge problem.The armored warrior rushed up and loudly called out to Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi. Since they both were wearing lab coats, the armored warrior had mistaken them for the doctors and didn’t attack them. The armored warrior kept shouting at Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi as if they had understood the meaning. Naturally, the armored warrior wanted them to stop and accept the interrogation.Then it was the fourth wave. Then the fifth wave. After every successive wave, there were more Black-Spot Variants added. Liu Gan wasn’t fazed by this type of pressure, but some of the players couldn’t handle the pressure. They climbed onto the platform to avoid the attacks of Black-Spot Variants that got past the battle formation.Thinking about DuDu on the previous floor, Zhang ShengLi and Hu Rong suddenly were on high alert. However, Zhang ShengNan had already started walking quickly towards the source of the sound. After chopping down two more zombies blocking her way, Zhang ShengNan pushed open the room’s door. Using her flashlight, she shined her light over at the source.These local survivors were different from players. Every player that entered the game was healthy young men and after leveling up they had increased physical strength. However, the hospital local survivors were mostly the elderly, feeble, females and children. In addition, these few days, they had been running low on food so a large portion of them were as thin as a match. Their bodies were very weak. Even as they were escaping, there were many crying sounds coming from within the group.Returning to the real world and once again losing his arms and legs, or staying within the dangerous Trembling World. Both of these options weren’t the best choices, nor was one option better than the other. But, rather than focusing on an uncertainty, he chose to focus on what was in front of him: his dangerous surroundings.Not long after the opening appeared, a beam of light suddenly appeared from the outside, and it was extremely bright and dazzling. Furthermore, the rumbling sound of a mechanical operation and the sound of electrical currents accompanied the beam of light’s appearance. Jiang JinYuan was frightened without warning and almost screamed out loud. Liu Gan seemed relatively more unperturbed, but he too was susceptible to the blinding light. As he had been enveloped in darkness, his eyes uncomfortably adjusted to the sudden appearance of the bright light.“Control your strength, don’t kill them. At the most just beat him down.” Liu Gan whispered the instructions. Liu Gan didn’t come here for the purpose of creating trouble and killing people. He came here with his eyes set on the secret laboratory. It was best if all other matters were avoided if he wanted to seriously find the exact location.

Her actions confirmed one important point. Whoever interacted with the NPC first would be responsible for finishing the mission. Outsiders couldn’t help in any way. Recalling this, Liu Gan didn’t interact with the young girl. However, she seemed to have mistaken him for her uncle and walked right up to him.Speaking of the island, it was a rather suitable place for a temporary camp. It was situated in the middle of a lake so large-scale corpse tides would have difficulty reaching this location. Even other players and survivors would have a hard time reaching here. In addition, there were these high defensive walls. With some guards, even if zombies or enemy players come here, it wouldn’t be easy for them to get in.It was very clear that LuLu and her lover weren’t on friendly speaking terms, so there was no need to add in extra triggering words. If the two continued to argue, their relationship would deteriorate. It would reach the point where the relationship could not be amended. That is when Qiu Zi would have a real chance at LuLu’s heart.This half of the bridge also started to shake and large crevices appeared. The suspension cables produced large horrifying sounds as if the moment when it would detach from the bridge deck was soon. This was the deciding factor for the players and survivors as they were forced to climb up on the steel pillar and ushered from behind by Liu Gan.

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