Liu Gan pulled the wounded player back to the two healers in the squad. The healers immediately started to get to work. The wounded player was level 8 already, so his Mist Armor was quite durable. The interesting surprise was that the wall of malice ignored his Mist Armor and inflicted damage directly to his body.At this moment, the magnetic energy array once again produced a brilliant white light, and the rumbling noise of the operation began afterwards. It was very clear that just now the top of the building acted as a lightning rod to absorb a surge of lightning, and it was channeled inside to power the magnetic energy array.

“This type of person deserves to die. Plus he knows [Hallucination], he could turn on us one day and pose a threat.” Han GuangMing had finally contributed his thoughts on the situation. That previous night, Han GuangMing experienced the [Hallucination] ability personally and had almost made a big mistake by letting him go. Han GuangMing still had no idea that he had been left out of the loop from Liu Gan’s plan.“There’s no point in talking to people like you who are naive and stupid!” Zhao Hui gloomily looked at Jiang JinYuan before switching his gaze over to Liu Gan who was standing at the side. In his mind, he felt that he and Liu Gan were the same, and that he should be able to understand what he was saying.The subordinate team members of the windbreaker-player trembled with fear after they saw that sight. Just as they were preparing to scatter in all directions to escape, Liu Gan had actually gotten his assault rifle, and a few shots rang out in the air. The loud gunshots immediately scared everyone into stopping their steps where they were, and they didn’t dare to make any random moves.The layout of the second and third floors were very similar. Both floors had bathrooms and a single bed in the room. However the room in the second floor had a faint smell of rotting flesh, which was very similar to the smell that originated from a rotting zombie. This lead Liu Gan increase his battle awareness.Within the last few minutes, the players were fighting for their lives. Since they were moving really fast, the audience in the crowd couldn’t rely on their eyes to figure how the two were fighting. Instead, they relied on their guts to determine which side was winning. They could catch glimpses of Qiu Zi on the offensive and Liu Gan on the defensive. For every ten attacks Qiu Zi threw out, Liu Gan would strike once.“I wouldn’t happen to know more than you already knew.” Jiang JinYuan shook his head. He searched around the crystal cabinet, and he quickly found the control for the panel. Then, he took a minute to figure out the controls. Afterwards, Liu Gan helped him destroy the surface cover, so the wires were accessible.Tiger Lord never even considered for a moment that his opponent could have a body that is so thick?/hard. What a major miscalculation, and now he had a severe injury from the axe attack. If he continued to fight with Liu Gan it would only prolong his own humiliation, other than that there was no reason to for him fight anymore.“Are you serious? You guys can voluntarily go and get bitten to see if it’s real or not!” screamed the bald player. Then he went back to whining loudly about the pain. Prior to entering the game, the bald player had consumed a good amount of alcohol. Lacking good judgement, he stumbled upon the good-looking female zombie. Once he laid eyes on the feminine features of the lady, his male instincts kicked in and fueled his perverted desires, which led to him to grabbing the panties. Thus, all the wrong decisions had led him to getting bitten.

Even if he were to reach level 6, it would affect his combat condition if his body and mental status were to be exhausted. No one knew of the dangers below, so he had to be prepared with enough sleep. With sufficient amount of sleep, and a good mental status, he wouldn’t suffer unnecessary damage that way.Unexpectedly the tornado really gave Zhou MingLiang a lot of face. After he finished speaking, suddenly the wind really stopped. The building ceased to shake and the windows ceased to produce the depressing droning sound. There was also no longer anything smashing into the building. Everything seemed to be incomparably quiet, so quiet as to make everyone feel that it was abnormal so much that one suspected that they were within a dream.In front of them was a large flat ground. The flat ground extended at least a dozen or more meters until it reached a fence . The fence stood equally as tall, around ten meters high. This was the location of the secret laboratory. Without a doubt, it was located here within these tall surrounding fences.The bald-player, under the instigation of the other male players, stretched out a hand and pulled off the female’s panties. He really wanted to find out the extravagant patterns that lied on the panties, but the moment he reached out, the female zombie that was originally reaching out to scratch the green-skinned player immediately changed target to the bald-player. Facing towards him, she bit down on his neck.Wang DeCheng finally understood the purpose why Lui Gan asked him to leaving those backpacks and bicycles. If it wasn’t for Liu Gan’s prior preparations, then they would be scrambling to gather the materials and resources, and the amount they could bring would be a lot less than it was now. Because the preparations were completed, it made evacuation so much smoother and less hectic.

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