Liu Gan trusted in Yin He’s capabilities, so he wasn’t worried about his own safety. As long as this Variant Zombie revealed itself, Yin He would be able to strike it down. At this point, it didn’t matter if it was heavily injured or killed. However, if he lost control of his emotions, then he would fall for the Variant Zombie’s plan.After witnessing the death of his two companions, the red-haired boy had already been frightened to death. Before the incident, people like him had been a snobbish and arrogant person, who frequently looked down on others. However, the moment that they were scared, their bravery vanished into thin air, and they couldn’t even function as a normal person.The most unanticipated outcome was produced from Wang Chao’s sneak attack. As Wang Chao flew closer, the mysterious guard reacted by easily retreating a few steps back. Like a spring, the mysterious guard pounced forwards with dagger in hand to counterattack. The dagger was aimed at Wang Chao’s chest!The wooden spear cut across the air like a deathly gleam of light, very quickly charging towards the female guard in the outpost. Even though she was wearing a bulletproof vest, she had still been accurately pierced through by the spear that Zhang Hua had thrown! Her wide eyes puzzledly looked in the direction of Zhang Hua’s location yet she couldn’t see clearly who had shot her. Her body fell limply amongst the pool of blood.“I will zip down the rope onto the tree first. Once I am secure on the tree trunk, you guys will, one by one, take turn to slide down to me. I will be there to catch you. Make sure you don’t make any noise in this process. If you feel that you can’t hold onto the rope tightly, then tie the ropes to your wrist. If that’s still not enough, then take another segment and tie it to your waist. Otherwise, there is a possibility of falling down. If you fall, you know the consequences yourself.” Liu Gan whispered the instructions to them.Wang ChangShun continued to follow them, neither far nor near with fear written all over his face. He was thirsty and hungry. The moment he loses sight of the group, he would be left alone and he do not know where to go for the night. In this Trembling World, human beings are so scarce while there are zombies everywhere. Powerless people like him, especially with one hand gone, going solo spells certain doom.Even if he does this, there is no honor in sneak attacks. Presently, Tiger Lord has no choice but to take that option. In front of all the players in the camp, he must kill Liu Gan so he can wash away all the humiliation he had to endure. Between humiliation or backstabbing, the former was a heavier burden on Tiger Lord’s status.“Correct? During a corpse tide in the middle of the night, he didn’t lead us to escape. Instead, he pushed us towards danger in the name of training; is this still correct?” Teacher Dong countered in defence. With the wristwatch indicating a red-color for the [Infected] status, he had limited amounts of time to say what he wanted to.

“It’s not easy to get to level 4. Your innate ability is very important, even if you kill more zombies it will be useless. Originally, Tiger Lord had a dozen level 4 players, but yesterday afternoon a variant zombie ran nearby! After a violent battle, most of the level 4 players were heavily injured and even half of them were killed. Only Tiger Lord was powerful enough to kill the variant zombie and reach level 5.” Wang DeCheng said regretfully.“I didn’t mean to kill him! I saw my countryside wife! She tried to use her knife to kill me, so I was forced to retaliate. I didn’t think it was all a hallucination. I mistook Zhou MingLiang for my countryside wife. The moment I realized it, it was too late! I definitely didn’t mean to do that…” Xu ChangHui revealed everything the moment he heard Liu Gan’s threat.Ana and Star Yu were traveling in a different location, both of them were very cautious. Every couple of step they walked, they would abruptly pause to see if there were any shadows resembling the shape of the Crocodile. Ana divided up the job evenly; Star Yu was responsible for keeping an eye out for Wan’er and the Crocodile. Ana led the way and scouted ahead, she choosing open-field areas.“Elder Liu, do you recognize her?” Han GuangMing proudly asked. When he first met Liu Gan, there was a order that was given to him and it was to find the pair of sisters. He wasn’t able to fulfill this task and it caused him moments of gloominess. Never would he have thought that he could find the sister here.Aside from the katanas, all his other possessions dropped out of his watch space. Several hand drawn maps fell out. From a first glance, they didn’t look like areas resembling Nin Jing City. Liu Gan guessed that they could be depicting Central City. There were several access cards and keys that had unknown purposes.“Okay, I will hide away the other items, and then at a later time, I can come and put it to good use.” Yin He had a hard time searching for these small spare parts. Her final decision was to pick out parts that could be used to create a simple recharging device. Then, what would remain were non-bulky objects that wouldn’t take up too much space with other spare parts. So after she finished all of that, then she would leave with Liu Gan.“I’m only an external staff member, so for all the company secrets, I wouldn’t know nor understand since I’m not at the executive level. Otherwise, why would I be sent here by the company to do this hard labor. If I previously knew that I would be sent into the game at an incorrect location, making this mission so much harder to accomplish, I probably wouldn’t have agreed to be a volunteer.” Jiang JinYuan said while showing a helpless expression.

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