Wang DeCheng lead Liu Gan and Yin He around many corners and turns before they reached storage area of the supermarket. Inside there were 3 males and 1 female playing poker… One of those males playing poker was embracing a female in his arms, in addition there were also two other males, who were chatting. This should be the camp’s rather/most important area, that was reliant on heavy guarding.

Biochemical material research was from the 30th to the 50th floor, and above that region would house the biochemical circulatory region and research. When Liu Gan entered the laboratory he had no idea what materials were valuable and what weren’t without Jiang JinYuan’s guidance. In these situations, Yin He can only be relied on for help.Wang DeCheng had his worries, so he followed for a few steps. He opened the door to see that the two of them were definitely heading towards the direction of the bathroom, before closing the door again. He sat back to Zhao Meng’s side, as this time he and Zhao Meng had to split the surveillance of the two sides each. At least until Xu ChangHui and Zhou MingLiang got back.They were thinking that even if Lord Liu made his way back to the southern district, it would take at least a week, or maybe up to a month. Traveling in large groups would draw a lot of attention, making it inconvenient for a speedy trip. It was quite possible that the rescue won’t make it in time and they had accepted their fate. Speaking through the transmitter, people left their wills and wishes. The original crew that had decided to follow Liu Gan felt regretful that things had turned out this way, so they left heart-touching messages to Liu Gan.“If you think that what I did was wrong, feel free to stay back and accompany him. It’s not like I didn’t give him a choice. I wanted to cut of his arm to stop the infection, but he refused. So I have no choice but to abandon him because I definitely do not want to be in close proximity with someone who will turn into a zombie.” Liu Gan replied. The performance of Pan Hua has been pretty good and hence, Liu Gan is more inclined to look after him.It wouldn’t be too long before Liu Gan could see Yin He. Liu Gan was riding the motorcycle violently, there were three separate occasions where people had set up an ambush on both sides of the street. Since Liu Gan wanted to return to the city as quickly as possible, he killed them without mercy, riding through the blockades without much problem.They had arrived in front of the house that Liu Gan was staying at. They looked around the area suitable for a dog fight. The dog fight suggestion was a way to embarrass the owner. A Variant Tibetan Mastiff against a garden dog? Even without any hidden abilities, NaNa had a smaller stature, so she didn’t look like a contender.Zhang Hua was with friends at a local pub, and he didn’t notice the notification on his phone. By the time he finally saw the text message and rushed over to the bridge, the middle schooler had already been fetched out of the river. There were still warmth coming from her body, but the rescuers had already given up. Not Zhang Hua. He was still performing CPR on her for the next 30 minutes. He continued until her body began to stiffen up, and the police forcibly dragged him away.QiuTao was the first player in the village to submit to Liu Gan’s reign. Even though it was unnecessary, since Liu Gan didn’t have to fear the Third and Fourth Elder’s schemes it was still a good thing to have someone who would report treacherous issues like these and resolve the problem before it spread uncontrolled. Ultimately, QiuTao was very obedient and he really wanted a leader to rely on. This type of smart player, who could adapt to the situation, was worth the extra trouble to nurture.

Several hundred thousand players got trapped in this zombie world because of a mess San Xing Corporation made. She had personally witnessed players die in here, as well as a female getting defiled. If she couldn’t find a way to leave this area back to the real world, she suspected she wouldn’t be able to last too long. In addition, she had worked more than a year to get her broadcaster status, and if her fans dropped her, then who would compensate her?Evil Dragon Gulf was located on the coast of the northern shore. When Qiu Zi and Zhan Nan Shan first explored that region, they had a dozen players by their side. They were heavily injured when they escaped. After another month, Qiu Zi and Zhan Nan Shan made a second attempt with over a hundred players. The result was the same, only the two of them were able to escape.After hearing what Jiang JinYuan said, these people decided to first swindle Liu Gan. Once they took the powerful PDA from his hands, they would talk with Jiang JinYuan again. They never anticipated that the person sneakily attacking Liu Gan would fail and would instead get killed by him. This foiled their original plan of killing Liu Gan and stealing his treasures.Even if this area was highly dangerous, everyday, it would be a fight to find food to eat and water to drink. Even finding a place to sleep was a struggle. He had to be on high alert because a mistake could cost him his life. Living like this was definitely better than living in the real world without his limbs. In the real world he was like a pig trapped in a cage that only knew how to eat and sleep; he was only waiting to die.“I will help you revive your friend, then send you back to shore. It will take some time for me to recover from the painful heartbreak, but my memories of you are perfect. I will store it at the bottom of my heart. Afterwards, I will begin a new chapter of my life,” Su Nina wiped away her tears.“Tiger Lord! They are moving! Are we really letting them go?” The three elite members could only witness this scene and try to restrain themselves. Liu Gan was taking their rations! How can a person eat this much, even though Tiger Lord wouldn’t bicker with him, but he dared to stuff his backpack full.

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